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 SST Thoebe II Pre-Amplifier 


Flexibility and Control



SST proudly presents the Thoebe II preamplifier. Fitted with the refinements and features one expects of a modern-day preamp, the Thoebe II will deliver all of your music with style and beauty at an attractive price.

Impressive standard features include a highly transparent volume control, bass and treble tone controls, high/low gain settings and a world-class headphone amplifier. Additionally, the Thoebe II can be configured with available add-on options like a reference-level DAC and/or phonostage. The Thoebe II is about ultimate control and flexibility—the perfect preamplifier for any music source. 


Deriving its lineage from our flagship preamplifier, the award-winning Ambrosia 2000 Second Edition preamplifier, but boasting more than a few unique features in it’s own right, the Thoebe II is destined to be a classic in its own time. Invite the Thoebe II into your listening room and find out quickly what kind of “guest” has arrived—one that won’t be leaving anytime soon!

SST Thoebe II Pre-Amplifier

    • Optional DAC and/or phonostage: 
      • DAC
        • ESS Sabre (9018) 32-bit DAC chip
        • Asynchronous, galvanically isolated USB input supports up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM and DSD64 + DSD128
      • Phonostage
        • Moving magnet or high-output moving coil discrete Class A design and newly developed RIAA optimized topology
    • Powerful and transparent built-in Class A headphone amplifier, standard
    • Digitally-controlled, channel independent, highly-advanced tone control
    • Remarkably transparent and innovative resistive-ladder type volume control unique to the Thoebe II
    • High/low gain setting
    • Phase and balance controls
    • Large, easy-to-read (and dimmable) LED display
    • Internal USB connection for any future software updates
    • Optional solid aluminum full-function remote control
    • Heavy gauge steel case and thick anodized aluminum faceplate
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