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 SST Trinaural Processor 


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The Trinaural Processor is a totally unique device that addresses what Jim Bongiorno considered an inherent flaw in the traditional music playback system—specifically, that it only produces sound in two channels. According to Jim, there is very little absolute left or right information. The sonic panorama is shaped more like a large arc across the sound stage, wherein the most important information comes from the center. Thus, for tangible, truly live-sound emulation, it’s necessary to add a center channel to the setup.


The initial hurdle is how to properly integrate a center speaker. It won’t work to simply add a summed center channel, because normal power levels are not created to accommodate three channels and moreover, things would sound odd. Proper implementation requires re-vectorization of the composite stereo information for three channels. Enter the Trinaural Processor. Using the Trinaural Processor, typical two-dimensional stereo sound is transformed into immersive, life-like acoustic reproduction like you've never heard before.


An important technical note is that the Trinaural Processor is a linear, completely analog device with no digital processing. The Trinaural also has a bypass switch which allows you to connect your home theater pre/pro/receiver as a pass-through, enabling you to use your two-channel preamplifier for music reproduction without having to go through the Trinaural. So get ready—listening to music will never be the same again!

SST Trinaural Processor

    • CES “Best of the High-End” Award and Stereophile Magazine “Class A” Recommended Component
    • Creates a more real, live sounding experience than any traditional two-channel system can
    • Completely analog processor; no digital processing
    • Home theater bypass
    • Subwoofer-out with built-in crossover and level control
    • Balanced design
    • XLR and RCA inputs and outputs
    • Compact design
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