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Reference Series

The Palo Santos Presentation is a flagship in every sense. Through its luxurious Brazilian Rosewood body it exudes classic style and delivers a truly exceptional sonic performance that marks Sumiko as a worthy player in the high-end arena.


Within its wooden body sits the intricate workings of the Palo Santos, including a bespoke generator anchoring system that houses a sophisticated magnet system, utilising an Alnico magnet with linear density to ensure the cartridge delivers a vast open soundstage, a natural and pure midrange, and high frequencies that are extended but never bright. The whole system has substantially improved rigidity and reduces resonance and background noise to previously unheard of levels.


The long-grain boron cantilever employed in the Palo Santos provides class-leading energy transfer from the stylus to the coils. Further, the synthetic rubber suspension system is tuned so the hardness and repulsion factor are optimised for a controlled acoustic performance over a long lifespan. 


The industry-leading Palo Santos design results in a combination of superior dynamics and excellent long term tracking ability. When finished with the sophisticated, specially ground Vital PH Line-Contact stylus, incredible amounts of detail can be extracted from the record groove. PH styli boast a precision polish and clarity that is legendary in cartridge design circles, lending a sweetness to the sound that can't be found at a lower cost. 


As it's part of the Reference Series, the Palo Santos is painstakingly crafted by hand in a process that involves hours of labour. After assembly, final adjustments are made using a battery of test records, and performance is hand-calibrated for your enjoyment.


The sound of the Palo Santos Presentation is the product not only of Sumiko’s many years experience in fine sound, but also of their continuing desire to reveal the vibrant and exciting colors of the analogue spectrum.


Key Features:

  • Luxury moving coil cartridge with classic wooden body
  • Superior Line-Contact stylus mounted on long-grain boron cantilever
  • Sophisticated magnet system for exceptional control
  • Bespoke generator anchoring system
  • Unrivalled sonic characteristics at the price
  • Overhead mounting design

Sumiko Palo Santos

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40kHz (+/- 1.5dB)
    Output Voltage: 0.5mV (3.54cm/s @ 1kHz)
    Internal Impedance: 12Ω
    Load Impedance: 100Ω  - 1kΩ
    Capacitance Range: 100pX - 300pF
    Channel Seperation: >30dB @ 1kHz
    Channel Balance: <0.5dB @ 1kHz
    Stylus Type: Ultra low-mass Line-Contact
    Compliance: 8x10-6 cm/dyn
    Tracking Force Range: 1.8 - 2.2g
    Recommended Force: 2.0g
    Cartridge Weight: 8.3g
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