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Synthesis A50 Taurus 50W Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier 


(2023 model)


The Synthesis A50 Taurus is the middle model in the high-end Action series of integrated amplifiers. It's a 50W stereo tube amplifier that incorporates four KT88 valves into its sleek design. This beautiful amplifier also includes an onboard 24-bit / 192kHz Wolfson DAC for added convenience alongside a listening experience like no other.


The A50 Taurus is crafted from a sophisticated blend of research and experience using only the finest quality materials and the most advanced technology practically available, allowing this "traditional" amplifier to sit at home in any modern hi-fi system. Built with the signature Italian flare that is featured across the entire Synthesis range, this integrated amplifier has been designed without compromise to give a rich sound and musical reproduction that will give you an extraordinary experience.


Utilising top of the range technology and componentry to produce an output transformer that uses a high grade Iron-Silicon for superb frequency reproduction & width, this newly designed custom transformer is unique to the A50. The same attention to detail follows through every other element of the design, even through to the valve selection process, which uses a computer-monitored machine to perfectly match tube pairings for an optimised balance.


Pairing the A50 Taurus with a suitable set of speakers will bring out a highly delicate yet precise sound reproduction, faithful to the original recording. The A50 Taurus gives a sound like no other, outlining the finest details and ensuring that you are listening the way that the recording was originally intended, with clarity and precision. 


The Synthesis Action range is able to replicate the intended, detailed sound of original recordings, whilst giving you the attention to detail that is prominent in all of the Synthesis products. The design, quality and sound are built to ensure that you achieve a listening experience that is truly unique. 


The A50 Taurus is available with a black metal fascia, featuring a silver stripe, bringing an elegant industrial minimalism to the classic Italian design. 



Key Features:

  • Premium valve integrated amplifier with 50W Class AB1 output
  • Power stage uses specially selected KT88 tubes
  • Pre-amplifier stage uses ECC83 and ECC99 tubes
  • 50W power output (6Ω)
  • Multiple line level inputs and built-in DAC
  • USB and S/PDIF digital inputs
  • High grade Iron-Silicon output transformer
  • Four aluminium feet with strong rubber insert for added damping
  • Remote control included 
  • High-Quality finish and components

Synthesis A50 Taurus

  • Power Stage

    Matched pair KT88/6550,


    Input Stage 1 x ECC83/12AX7, per-channel
    Driver Stage 1 x ECC99/12BH7, per-channel
    Input impedance 50kΩ
    Input sensitivity 200mV for max. power
    Output Impedance
    Power stage configuration Ultra-linear, 43% tap
    Power output 50W RMS Class AB1 (6Ω)
    Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz - 0.5dB
    Signal/Noise ratio > 90dB "A” weighted
    Analogue Inputs 4 x Line
    Digital Inputs 1 x USB "Type B"
    1 x S/PDIF Coax
    Digital Upsampling 24-bit / 192kHz
    D/A Converter Dual Mono Wolfson WM8740
    Outputs Pre Out (variable)
    Remote Control

    Included for volume

    and source selection

    Power Consumption 350W max.
    Dimensions (w,d,h) 420 x 450 x 260mm
    Weight 35.0kg
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