Its bold cabinet of finest mahogany plywood is extensively braced to house TANNOY’s flagship 250 mm (10 inch) Gold Reference Dual Concentric driver. It’s high-efficiency compression driver with 50 mm (2 inch) heat-treated dome, Alnico motor system and new, stiffer cone materials create outstanding dynamics, spacious sound staging and exceptional musical articulation.


The flagship 250 mm (10 inch) Dual with its Alnico magnets, identified by its PepperPot Waveguide, is fitted with the latest TANNOY GR cone material, comprising a bespoke paper pulp infused with fibres to increase its rigidity. Combined with the new 50 mm (2 inch) aluminium-magnesium alloy cone, the Kensington GR Dual offers an expansive sound stage, extremely high power handling and class-leading musical communication. The Kensington GR is set to follow its predecessor models as being the bestselling Prestige loudspeaker for its outstanding performance, small footprint and elegant design.

All components and cabinets are still hand assembled in the time-honoured fashion to ensure that attention to detail and unique styling go hand in hand in maintaining the exclusive appeal of this highly respected and sought after loudspeaker.

The design comfortably complements any decor from ancient castle through to the cool, casual and contemporary. The only rules we absolutely adhere to when designing and crafting Prestige loudspeakers is to utilise the most up to date, no compromise, acoustic technologies and time-proven cabinet making skills ensuring these are probably the very best sounding loudspeakers you will find anywhere.

Tannoy Kensington GR Loudspeakers

  • Performance

    Recommended amplifier power 20 - 250 Watts
    Continuous power handling 125 Watts RMS
    Sensitivity 93dB (2.83 Volts @1 metre)
    Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
    Frequency response 29Hz - 27kHz -6dB


    Drive Units

    Dual Concentric™ high frequency 51mm (2.00") with aluminium alloy dome, Alnico magnet system with Pepperpot Waveguide™
    Dual Concentric™ low frequency 250mm (10.00") treated paper pulp cone with HE twin roll fabric surround. 52mm (2.00") round wire wound voice coil
    Dispersion 90 degrees conical



    Frequency 1.1kHz
    Type Bi-wired, hard wired passive, low loss time compensated 2nd order LF, 2nd order compensated HF.
    Adjustment +/- 3dB over 1kHz to 22kHz shelving, +2dB to -6dB per octave over 5kHz to 22kHz slope



    Enclosure type Distributed port
    Volume 105L (3.7 cu.ft)
    Dimensions 1100 x 406 x 338mm (43.50 x 16.00 x 13.33" )
    Weight 37kg (81.6 lbs)
    Finish Lacquered mahogany veneer with solid walnut edging and trim detail
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