'TANNOY have created many legendary loudspeakers since Guy R. Fountain founded the company, over 90 years ago. Artists have placed their trust in us, recording some of their most iconic songs using TANNOY monitors. Many of you have honoured us by choosing our speakers for your homes. When the original HPD range was launched in 1974, the goal was simple - to bring the sound of the recording studio to home HIFI. To bring the artist into your living room. To bring joy in the form of beautiful, authentic sound into our customers lives. These are still our goals, and why we chose to create the Legacy Series, in honour of these iconic loudspeakers.'

Tannoy Legacy Arden Loudspeakers

  • System

    Frequency Response 38 Hz - 30 kHz ±6 dB
    Recommended Amplifier Power 20 - 300 W
    Power handling (IEC) 150 W continuous, 600 W peak
    Sensitivity 93 dB (1 W @ 1 m)
    Impedance 8 Ω
    Low Frequency Dual Concentric 1 x 15" (380 mm) Paper pulp cone with twin roll impregnated fabric surround. 52mm (2") edge wound voice coil
    High Frequency Dual Concentric 1 x 1.3" (33 mm) aluminium/magnesium alloy dome with edge-wound voice coil
    Frequency 1.1 kHz
    Type Bi-wired, hard wired passive, low loss 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass
    Adjustment ±3 dB over 1 kHz to 30 kHz shelving, 2 dB to -6 dB per octave over 5 kHz to 30 kHz slope


    Type Triple distributed port
    Connectors 5 x 4 mm 24ct WBT binding posts
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 910 x 602 x 362 mm (35.8 x 23.7 x 14.3")
    Net weight 41 kg (90.2 lbs)
    Construction 19 mm (3/4") MDF with plywood internal bracing - heavily damped
    Finish Walnut veneer and high acoustic transparency nylon grill cover
    • Bi-wire bridge connectors
    • Prestige wood wax
    • Carpet protectors
    • Adjustable feet
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