The Helios block is a new addition to the Titan Audio range. With the Helios block they began from scratch, with the ambition for them to use much of the technology found in the Eros block, but at a more affordable price tag. As the name would suggest, the Helios uses the same cable found in the helios mains cable, making it ideal thanks to its high current delivery.


The Helios incorporates a new design of isolation feet, which are similar in style to the Eros block. Through extensive R&D they have found this design to offer superior isolation prosperities. The legs on the Helios block are twice as thick as the Nyx (10mm thick) This increase in material not only improves the rigidity of the block, but offers sonic improvements, thanks to the materials improved isolation properties. The increased flexibility allows vibrations to be absorbed and neutralised.

The feet are created from materials which can also be found in bulletproof jackets.


Mechanical Surge Protection

One of the key features, and one of the hardest aspects in the Helios’s blocks design was the incorporation of surge protection. One for the reasons they have never incorporated this into any of our products before is that it has several issues, which creates negative effects on the sonic performance of the block.


Through increased R&D they have found solutions that eliminate these problems making the option to add this feature a possibility. Most importantly the surge protection in the Helios block is mechanical, not electronic via PCB boards. The issue with electronic or PCB boards being included is they create noise which has a drastic negative effect on sonic performance. Their mechanical design not only allows for clean and resistant free current delivery but is also silent. The Surge protection is triggered at 15 amps, however it can be reset meaning the mains block is able to be used again.

Titan Audio Helios Mains Block

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