The Helios Signature is available from 1.5metre lengths and is designed to be used with mains blocks and amplifiers and has significant current delivery with a four core 4mm configuration offering a considerable improvement over the Nyx Signature model. Construction is a high purity OFC copper cable with an extra core over the standard Helios cable and a braided steel screen.


The UK version uses a cyrogenicslly treated 13 amp plug with an upgraded bushman fuse as well as a high quality copper wattgate IEC connector which is also cryogenically treated. The Shuko and US versions use a high quality gold plated mains plug.


The new Helios Signature mains cable also allows compatibility with their proprietary FORCEFIELD technology (patent pending) which will offer shielding ability beyond anything currently available in the industry. The uniquely designed technology has been added to their new cables after years of R and D to bring this revolutionary technology to market.

Like the Helios, the Signature model comes with their unique FORCEFIELD technology connectors, which allows customers to add the FORCEFIELD technology module at a later date, or as an optional extra when purchasing the cable.

Titan Audio Helios Signature Mains Cable

    • Description
      • 4 core 4mm OFC copper cable
    • Material
      • OFC ( oxygens free copper cable)
    • Construction
      • Multicore triple drain
    • Dieletic
      • Extruded PVC ( heat duty)
    • Screen
      • Braided steel screen and Forcefield Technology
    • Sheath Colour
      • Blue/black
    • Capacitance
    • Inductance
    • Resistance
    • Outer Diameter
    • Current Capacity
      • 25 AMP
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