Titan Audio, following the immense success of their mains cable and power block range has is now happy to announce the release of the eagerly awaited Interconnect and Speaker Cable Collection. As the famous quote by Socrates goes, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new”


The Styx Speaker cable we knew had to be special, but we also wanted to offer customers who owned previous Styx products the opportunity to match their speaker cable to the rest of their system. This created a problem, making a cable that was better than the competition, but at a price range that made it attainable to our previous customers.


The Styx Speaker Cable is the result of extensive testing and development, in order to produce a cable that truly deserves the the Titan Audio badge. While it is classed as our “entry level” range, the Styx collection offers a superior sound & build quality to the competition, and meets the exacting standards that we expect from our mains cables.

Titan Audio Styx Speaker Cables

    • OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) Cable
    • Custom Designed & CNC Machined Acrylic Splitters
    • Splitters constructed from acrylic as its resin based, and aids in anti vibration
    • Extruded PVC Dialytic for shielding
    • The dialytic is then covered then by Galvanised Steel Braid to offer superior shielding
    • Clothed in the matching Styx Green/Black sheath.
    • 24 Carat gold plated
    • Custom Designed and Built
    • Epoxy Damped
    • Connections sealed and secured by a specially designed epoxy resin featuring anti vibrational qualities.


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