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 Trenner&Friedl ART Bookshelf Loudspeakers 


ART – it's someone you love to have around. It is attentive, subtle, has a story to tell. When it lets loose, it paints us stories in the most evocative colors. In things that we thought we knew well, it shows us completely new details.

It integrates itself into our lives, as if it had always been there. And even if it's deftly prancing character might not lead one to suspect it at first, ART has a huge heart, expressing genuinely deep feelings ...

In short: ART is probably the loudspeaker with the most potential to surprise you in our entire lineup – you have never heard small so big...


Standard finish features Corpus Veneer with Ebony Front panel—Bamboo Front is an upgradeable option.


So many HiFi products are designed with an eye towards – good question, really… We so often are confronted with technical-looking monsters that fit into a living room about as well as a production-line assembly robot. Most listening rooms in this world are living spaces – spaces in which, “among other things,” we listen to music. We pay attention to this: with their peaceful, modest, yet modern forms, our loudspeakers integrate easily into almost any living room environment. Design cannot just be its own sole purpose. It requires a focus. And perhaps our view of HiFi is best compared with a bookcase: stylish, unassuming, yet meaningful, a pleasant part of the room – just that, instead of reaching for something to read, if desired, one can select a piece of music…and, oh, such music!


What goes in comes back out…
That it is the inner values that count in the end is an often heard and well-proven adage. Loudspeakers from Trenner & Friedl distinguish themselves not only in their perfectly finished exterior – the exceptional musicality of our products is built from an equally sophisticated and ingenious inner life: 

The musical signal is received by generously proportioned, rhodium-plated pure copper Cardas terminals, then passed along through Cardas inner-cabling. Our crossovers are carefully hand-constructed from the finest elements: 

  • Premium Mundorf capacitors, for long life, faster response and balanced tone,
  • baked-lacquer coils, flat copper coils with extremely low skin-effect, 
  • metal-film resistors for purest reproduction of high-frequencies.

We treat the paper cones of our low-frequency drivers with seven layers of Italian oil varnish, in order to optimize elasticity, damping and stiffness, and reduce cone resonances and distortion. 

Simply stated: only that which you put in comes back out – our loudspeakers should ultimately never get in the way of the music…




"...they’re one of the best shoe-box-speaker met in my career and one of the most desirable in absolute terms, they’re able today to rewrite the classification of the best top-mini of all time regardless of price. Deliciously musical and magnificent to listen disc after disc."

Gianfranco Machelli, AudioReview




The Austrian Walnut is our most beloved veneer. We can offer it in different flavors.
It is carefully selected and matched, the thickness is higher than commonly used for this purpose. The finish is of natural matt. For the ultimate haptic result we sand the surface very finely with maple veneer.
Please hold in mind: Wood is a natural thing and each veneer is unique as a fingerprint.


We can individualize your loudspeakers!
Almost any veneer, colour or finish is possible.
Except exotic woods and other environmentally unsustainable materials. Our ECO veneers are composites of domestic wood.

If you want something special, made just for you, we'll do our best.


Trenner&Friedl ART Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Special Finish
  • Features
    2-Way vented system
    Multiplex birch wood of different densities
    Seven layered lacquer finish
    Front made of birch multiplex veneered with ebony eco or massive bamboo
    Cardas internal wire
    Cardas terminals
    Crossover handcrafted by Mundorf, high grade components

    Drive Units
    1 x 5” Carbon cone, coated with violin varnish
    1 x 1” Ring radiator, neodymium magnet system, encapsulated rear chamber, mounted heat sink

    Frequency response
    50 Hz (f-3 DB) to 50 kHz (f-3 DB)

    85 dB (2.83V/1m)

    4 Ohm (minimum 3.2 Ohm)

    Height: 270 mm
    Width: 180 mm
    Depth: 300 mm
    Weight: 6.8 kg


    Finishes Body
    Walnut nature
    Walnut amaranth
    Walnut blazed
    Others on request

    Finishes Front
    Ebony eco
    Bamboo massive


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