This centre speaker is the complementary element for your Home Theater installation and is required, above all to reproduce dialogue. It is positioned under the screen, placed on the TS300 stand or it can even be placed on the floor. Its closed box reproduces voices which sound extremely warm and precise. A lot of work went into studying directivity in order to solve the headache of optimal positioning, which is a common problem with this type of speaker.

Voce is Triangle’s response for improving the performance of home theater and multichannel music systems!

Triangle Magellan Voce

  • Technical data


    number of drivers 3
    number of ways 2
    Tweeter TZ2900MS
    midrange – woofer T16GM-F72MS-MR1
    sensitivity 91 dB/W/m
    frequency range 50 Hz – 20 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
    power handling 100 W
    repetitive peak power 200 W
    nominal impedance 8 Ω
    minimum impedance 4 Ω
    high frequency roll-off 2400 Hz (24 dB/Oct)
    Dimensions 250 x 600 x 375 mm
    Weight 19 kg
    Base (option) TS300
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