Triangle have a great habit of making some of the finest looking speakers, that happen to bring musical excitement into any listening room.
One owner from new UK RRP £2995

THETA is a compact bookshelf speaker, mounted on feet. The midrange clarity and the depth of the lower end register are impressive for a speaker of this size. Equipped by a 16-cm driver with a half roll suspension, the THETA offers amazing musical quality, as well as surprising power and speed for a bookshelf model.


  • Tweeter TZ2550 in die-cast aluminum
  • Broadband Woofer with half roll suspensions
  • 7 high-density fiberboards
  • Piano lacquer finish : ten coats of paint


STEREO Magazine 5 Stars


In great condition.

Original boxes and packing. (stands not included)
24 months warranty provided.

Triangle Signature Theta Standmount Loudspeakers

£2,995.00 Regular Price
£1,695.00Sale Price


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