Othello, the protagonist of Shakespeare’s eponymous play, inspired Giuseppe Verdi’s resoundingly successful penultimate opera “Otello”, the first to be staged at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, on February 5, 1887.

The Otello exemplifies Verity Audio’s philosophy. This commanding loudspeaker boasts impressive dynamics and true musicality, qualities for which all Verity Audio loudspeakers are recognized.


Otello inherited the advanced technologies of the Par- sifal Anniversary. Its dual isolated chassis design elimi- nates all interference between the lows and mid-highs. Our world-class phase and time alignment front baf- fle seamlessly blends the frequency and time response of the mids and highs, and our Mechanical & Airborne Sound Isolation System (MASI) insulating base diffus- es vibrations between the loudspeaker and the ground while absorbing excess sound waves. This not only prevents sound from reverberating off the ground, but also minimizes floor and cabinet vibration, especially at high volume levels.


The top chassis contains two proprietary drivers that grant it a precise and smooth frequency-time charac- teristic: an Audio Technology midrange and an extend- ed-frequency ring dome tweeter. Otello’s high-sensi- tivity neo-ring tweeter is the latest innovation in dome tweeter designs, offering excellent linearity and smooth decay characteristics throughout its entire operating bandwidth. The powerful midrange driver allows a wide dynamic range while maintaining accuracy at all levels. Its special-geometry, mineral-filled polypropylene cone

is optimized for maximum cone rigidity, low energy storage and smooth breakup.


The bottom chassis includes two highly accurate woof- er drivers with paper-pulp cones whose randomized reed stiffening elements allow powerful, extended and dynamic bass reproduction. They feature Bessel tuning for maximum articulation as well as Verity’s proprietary rear-firing configuration, which was specifically de- signed to enrich your listening room’s native low-fre- quency reinforcement characteristics to produce ex- tended, solid bass.


Like all of Verity Audio’s fine products, Otello offers an outstanding performance for its price point and a re- markable intelligibility level for a speaker its size. Its smooth impedance curve, high-efficiency characteris- tics and proficiency in listening rooms of all sizes and conditions make it an exceptionally adaptable and ver- satile product. With an input sensitivity of 93 dB and even, nominal 4-ohm impedance, Otello excels along- side a strikingly wide array of power amplifiers, includ- ing single-ended triode designs.


In keeping with our proud tradition, Otello features the best attention to detail and level of execution of its class. Its cabinet construction methods involve a pro- prietary asymmetrical internal bracing array, with spe- cial attention paid to internal diffusion of rear waves and smooth airflow throughout the inner structure.

The cabinets are uniformly finished on all sides with exquisite Italian polyester lacquers, leaving no visible joints. All finishing materials are carefully selected for a harmoniously balanced exterior aesthetic.


Beyond all else, Otello will remain your faithful com- panion for years to come, giving its proud owner count- less hours of listening pleasure.

Verity Otello Loudspeakers

  • Specifications

    Bandwidth: 30 Hz to 50 kHz +/- 3dB

    Woofer: 2 x 7-inch edge coated reed/paper pulp cone

    Midrange: 5-inch mineral-filled polypropylene cone with 2-inch symetrical-drive voice-coil

    Tweeter: 1-inch ring-dome

    Power handling: 100 watts music power

    Effeciency: 93 dB @ 1w @ 1 m

    Impedance: 8 Ω nominal, 3.8 Ω minimum

    Break in time: 75 hours (63%), 400 hours (99%)


    Dimensions & Weight

    Height: 43.6” (110.7 cm)

    Width: 10.9” (27.6 cm)

    Depth: 18.6” (47.2 cm)

    Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg) packed / pair

    Gross weight: 150 lbs (68 kg) / pair



    Connectors: Furutech

    Isolation Base: Included

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