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bLINK Bluetooth streamer/reclocker

Get ready for "Next Level Bluetooth"

Think all Bluetooth is created equal (and sounds horrible)? Think again! John Darko of Digital Audio Review was so impressed with the bLINK that he called it "next level bluetooth". He then awarded it DAR's highest honor, the Knockout Award. If you're still not familiar with the bLINK, think of our award-winning Remedy reclocker and add Bluetooth streaming to it.  Simply connect the bLINK to your DAC and you're in business. The power of the bLINK is in its ultra-convenience and flexibility. Just connect it to the DAC of any stereo system and suddenly anyone in the room with a bluetooth device can stream their tunes — with amazing fidelity — over the stereo. Lots of customers like it because it allows non-audiophiles (wife, friends, kids, guests) to play their music easily. Of course, like the Remedy, you can also hardwire any source via coax cable to the bLINK. Either way, your music has never sounded better.


Wyred4Sound bLink Bluetooth Streamer/Reclocker

    • Wireless streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device
    • Femto-grade reclocker drastically reduces jitter for improved sound
    • 96kHz output sampling frequency
    • Hard wire-capable via Coax input: supports up to 24/192kHz
    • Coax and Toslink outputs
    • 9V DC power supply included
    • 5 year warranty
    • Tested wireless range ~30 ft. unobstructed. Extended range +30 ft. antenna available (choose under Options dropdown)
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