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DAC 2v2 Series

Based on our immensely popular, multi-award-winning DAC-2 series (DAC-2, DAC-2 DSD and DAC-2 DSDse), our new DAC 2v2 series is like an upgraded "classic". At the heart of the 2v2 series is the all-new ESS Sabre 9028PRO for the DAC-2v2 or state-of-the-art, reference 9038PRO for the DAC-2v2SE. These new ESS PRO chips offer many significant improvements over their predecessors including higher SNR, more filters and the latest iterartion of ESS' HyperStreamDAC technology. Additionally, the new 2v2 series features fully-balanced circuitry, hi-res PCM and 4x DSD-capability, remote control, volume control (to directly drive your amplifier if desired), upgraded architecture and updated casework with a new color: anthracite gray. 



At the heart of the DAC-2v2 is remarkable new ESS Sabre 9028PRO chip. This new chip is a significant improvement on the former flagship 9018S chip in many ways and we're pleased to offer it in the newly redesigned DAC-2v2. Combined with our proprietary discrete output stages, which optimize sonics, the DAC-2v2 delivers the most accurate and musical sound.

The back of the DAC-2v2 supports a host of digital connections: Coax, Toslink, AES/EBU, USB and I²S. The DAC-2v2's USB connection utilizes galvanic isolation to eliminate computer noise from the audio signal completely. The USB input, as well as the the balanced I²S input, both support PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz and quad DSD.

Integer mode compatibility allows direct communication between the signal source for bit-perfect playback in Mac systems. Additionally, the DSD interface is driverless for Mac and Linux platforms, ensuring seamless installation. A simple driver install is needed for USB streaming from PC systems. 

With its built-in volume control functionality, the DAC-2v2 allows audiophiles with 100% digital systems to completely eliminate the need for a pre-amp, reducing signal processing and increasing transparency. Of course, the preamp section is fully defeatable for those with preamps that they prefer to use. TheDAC-2v2 offers audiophiles the clearest window into their music and a truly sublime listening experience.



DAC-2v2 SE, with the reference 9038PRO DAC chip

Our flagship, special edition DAC-2v2 SE builds on the DAC-2v2 and is a tour-de-force in DAC technology and a bonafide reference product by any standard. At it's heart, the new 2v2SE gets the best DAC chip on the market, the ESS 9038PRO*. This chip is absolutely state-of-the-art with respect to specs and sonics. The 2v2SE is all about no-compromise, so how could we not use the best chip available?



Enhancing the already stellar performance of our DAC-2v2, the DAC-2v2 SE includes an array of highly upgraded components: Vishay Z-Foil resistors, ultra-low noise discrete regulators, ultra-fast recovery Schottkey diodes, premium grade inductors, green OLED display and a premium upgraded fuse. The culmination of these enhancements is refined audio performance down to the minutest nuances.


Delivering the highest quality audio of our digital-to-analog convertors, the DAC-2v2 SE is like the DAC-2v2 on steroids! As with all our DAC v2 products, the DAC-2v2 SE is both an incredible performer and a great value for your dollar, easily outclassing DACs 3-4x the cost. With the DAC-2v2 SE, you will enjoy simply the best sound from your music system.



Femto grade clock upgrade option for DAC-2v2 (already included in DAC-2v2 SE model)

Accuracy and overall quality of the master clock are crucial to obtaining optimum sound quality. The standard clock is no slouch but you now have the option to upgrade to the highest grade component available in its class. Implementation of this femto grade clock optimizes audio quality by lowering phase jitter by over 80% as well as greatly reducing phase noise in the digital circuit. Clocks of this grade are typically found in DAC's retailing for $5K or more! The DAC-2v2 SE model comes with this clock standard and for a modest fee you can select the upgraded clock during the checkout process for either the DAC-1v2 or DAC-2v2 models.

Wyred4Sound DAC-2v2 SE

  • DAC-2v2 Features

    • ESS Sabre 9028PRO 32 bit DAC chip

    • W4S proprietary discrete output stages for optimum sonics

    • ESS Time Domain Jitter Eliminator®

    • Automatic oversampling for precise output filtering

    • Asynchronous USB input and balanced I²S​ input support up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM and up to DSD256

    • Improved audio quality through USB input
    • USB 2.0 compliancy & ASIO 2.2 (Drivers support for Mac and Linux systems)
    • Galvanic isolation
    • Fully balanced design with balanced and unbalanced outputs

    • Upgradable Digital, Output, and USB boards (designed for future improvements)

    • Oversized toroidal transformer for solid and noise-free power

    • 88,000uF of filtering with W4S low ESR "super-cap" (same as used in the STP-SE)

    • VFD display for input, sample rate, volume control, and configuration viewing

    • Remote control

    • Defeatable 32 bit volume control

    • HT Bypass inputs (selectable via DC trigger)

    • 2x Coax inputs

    • 2x Toslink inputs

    • 1x AES/EBU input

    • 1x Balanced I2S input via HDMI cable (note: not standard HDMI cable format)

    • Proprietary drivers for Windows (no drivers needed for Mac or Linux)
    • Factory selectable mains 115/230VAC

    • Compact size (8.5"W x 4.125"H x 13.5"D)

    • 14 lbs.

    • Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY


    DAC-2v2 SE (adds the following to the DAC-2v2):

    • ESS Sabre 9038PRO 32 bit DAC chip
    • Custom Vishay Z-Foil resistors (0.1% tolerance and a +/-0.5ppm/°C)
    • Femto Grade Clock (82 fSec phase jitter)
    • Ultra-low noise discrete regulators (100+ times quieter and faster than the stock regulator)
    • Ultra-fast recovery Schottkey diodes
    • Premium grade inductors
    • Upgraded fuse
    • Green OLED display for input, sample rate, volume control, and configuration viewing


    DAC-2v2 and 2v2SE Specs

    • Typical Distortion THD+N (20-20kHz A-weighted @ Vol. 55): <0.002% THD+N
    • Frequency Response (20-20kHz): ± 0.065db
    • S/N Ratio: > 120 db
    • Crosstalk: > 125 db
    • Noise (A-weighted): < 7uV
    • Noise: < 9uV
    • Balanced Output Level (Vol. 100%): 10.5V (20.1 db)
    • Unbalanced Output Level (Vol. 100%): 5.2V (14.5 db)
    • Output Impedance: DAC-2v2: 100Ω, DAC-2v2SE: 50Ω
    • Channel Tracking: < ± 0.50 db
    • Dimensions: 8.5"W x 4.125"H x 13.5"D
    • Weight: 14 lbs.
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