There is nothing better than wearing your HiFi on your head!  They've had many headphone amplifier options over the years and none have been dedicated to just that.  They’ve always been an auxiliary function of a product so it was time to make it happen.  Time to get intimate by Introducing Intimo!


We all spend an incredible amount of time in front of a computer or a handheld version we call tablets or phones these days. If you are going to do it, why not do it and listen to your favorite music at the same time?  Why not make that music sound amazing!  Why not use that time to also explore new music by taking advantage of streaming platforms such as Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon music, Apple music, Spotify etc. Why not immerse yourself and forget all the distractions the world has to offer these days?


You can now do just that with amazing results with their new Intimo headphone amplifier!  They have been working on this unit for years and finally have something we have to share so others can appreciate it as much as they do. If you thought time flew by before – just wait until you experience this. Nothing else seems to matter!


When push comes to shove-

Headphones are like speakers, many shapes, sizes, efficiencies etc. Take your frustration out of the equation with intimo.  They are offering ‘on the fly’ output impedance and gain control that let you tailor how well your headphones mate with it.  The headphones you have now and the headphones you will have down the road.  Consider it a non-issue. Get the best sound today with no concerns.


Tune in the good stuff-

They also included a bypassable 3-band parametric equalizer that allow you to dial in the right sound just for you!  Ever though – I love these but a little much on the top or not enough bottom end?  You can now take what you thought was your favorite and make it perfect.  With adjustments for low/mid/high, you can not only control levels but also frequency turn over points for each and the “Q” (width of the band you are adjusting) of the frequency.


Perfection in the conversion-

Included in the Intimo, they have already invested and embedded the quality DAC they are known for which is designed specifically for this product!  Employing the ESS Sabre technology, effortlessly feed PCM signals upto 384kHz or DSD up to DSD256 through the galvanically isolated, Asynchronos XMOS based USB interface.  All of this allows them to offer the lowest jitter with the most precise timing for the best musical experience. With such an extraordinary product, you might just find that this makes a better preamp as well - and for that, they offer unbalanced preamp outputs.


Varying the pleasure –

They couldn’t just use the digital domain volume control in the ESS chip so we decided to implement our ‘Vari-Lock GCMS’ which they’ve evolved from their past products allowing them to have proper volume control feel but unmatched stability and composition.  Most companies use a simple potentiometer to run the audio signal through to adjust the level.  This is an effective way to do it but it comes at the cost of erratic volume matching and levels between channels. Their system provides accurate level control that is run through code and then programmed back out to a digitally controlled analog volume control similar to how their award winning STP preamp handles it.  Super High End Performance is all included here!


Touchy subject -

User interface is as the name suggests. No clicky or clunky buttons, they designed in capacitive buttons on the top of the unit offering delicate, tactile and positive feedback and control of your favorite new component. Visibility is exceptional with the large LED display showing input selection, sample rate and configuration settings.


When the rubber hits the road-

Their proprietary dual mono, complementary, Class A biased headphone amp is second to none. High bandwidth, low distortion, powerful and capable are just a few of the thoughts you will have floating around. High end features and sound at this price point is… unheard of!

Wyred 4 Sound Intimo Headphone Amplifier / DAC

  • Headphone output

    • THD+N   0.005%* 
    • SNR       102db*
    • Freq response +/-0.2db (20hz-20k)
    • Bandwidth  60k (-3db)
    • Output impedance - High/Med/Low - variable
    • Output noise - 26uV*
    • Output power 1.2W /16ohms

    Preamp output

    • THD+N   0.005%* 
    • SNR       101db*
    • Freq response +/-0.14db (20hz-20k)
    • Output noise - 18uV*
    • Output voltage 4.6V (variable)

    * A-wieght

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