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Experience music in a new way!

The xo|one is a fantastic music server, that's easy to install and use. He has just one button and the connectors he really needs. The design of the xo|one offers purist understatement, paired with maximum sound quality through high-quality components, such as SSC® device, Furutech® rhodium plug and WBT® silver plugs.


The connectors you really need!

Using xo|one is completely intuitive. Using an iPad® or iPhone®, you can simply surf through cover, genre and performer information in your archive, create playlists and play the music that you are in the mood for at that moment. You will experience your music in a whole new way.

Of course, xo|one not only plays high resolution music up to 24bit / 192kHz, but also helps you to find new tunes. Use the iPad® app to browse through the offers of HIGHRESAUDIO® and download music directly to your xo|one!



X-Odos XO|ONE Music Server

    • stores and manages all the collected music and thus becomes a comprehensive music library

    • works using a simple, powerful operating concept

    • offers a quick, stable and intuitive app which has been developed in-house for iPadentwickelt wurde

    • plays all popular music formats at the studio quality of 24 Bit / 192 kHz

    • supports DoP (DSD over PCM)

    • automatically rips CDs in the loss-free FLAC format

    • offers the possibility to obtain albums in the best HIGHRESAUDIO® zu beziehen

    • supports the loss free streaming service TIDAL®

    • provides a handy radio function

    • transmits music throughout the whole house via an integrated DLNA server

    • enables easy back-up of all data on external USB storage devices or networks

    • is equipped with AES/EBU and S/PDIF for the best digital output

    • works with SSD memory for the best performance

    • is cooled down passively, and therefore completely silent

    • uses only the highest quality components, for example rhodium connectors from Furutech®, silver connectors from WBT® and equipment feet from SSC®

    • uses bliss for editing metadata
    • has jitter of less than 1 ps

    • weighs approx. 14 kg at 45cm x 33cm x 14,5cm (LxBxH)

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