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Musicbook:DSD announced

The Musicbook: series has been further developed in essential points to become the “Musicbook:DSD“.

…resampling to DSD 256

…from all digital input signals

…with subsequent conversion as DSD signal

The gain in sound quality of the new converter circuitry as opposed to the conventional PCM conversion is spectacular: greater dynamics, vibrant acoustic hues and a new, absolutely “life-like“ atmosphere that is very similar to analogue reproduction, but with a much better resolution. Get ready to be surprised!

The already generous feature list of the Musicbook digital sources has been further expanded by Bluetooth APTX and a USB audio port for up to 384 kHz plus DSD 256 and also unified for all models (DACs and streamers).

The new streaming platform now offers full DSD capability, convenient multiple playlists and the TIDAL and Qobuz online catalogues as well as a new radio and podcast provider. And our app has been further optimised as well.

The new Musicbook:DSDs will be available from May 2016.


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