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Crayon CFA-1.2: The Blue Moon Winning Amplifier

Crayon's CFA 1.2 Amplifier has been honoured with the 6moons Blue Moon Award, a prestigious award reserved only for audio components of outstanding and unique quality.

No stone - or rather cable - is left un-turned at 6moons as they investigate everything from design and sound quality, to the inner workings and power the audio component possesses.

The CFA 1.2 Amplifier's impressive power increase of 63/90wpc into 8/4Ω (117w peak into 4Ω) along with its impeccable sound quality and design, earned it the Blue Moon Award.

"It might be pretty and 'small' but packs a mean punch."

A special feature of this amp is that the input can be adjusted to the sources, allowing for the loudness of the software to be adjusted to ensure that the volume is smooth and progressive. Each input can be adjusted to its source (CD-Player, DAC, Tuner, Phono etc) in 2dB steps.

The excellent review also pointed out that while other amplifiers are available for slightly less, the CFA 1.2 is more than excellent value for money compared to its competitors.

"Crayon offers quadruple the power, remote control, an apparently sterling phono stage and far more i/o connectivity."

After an extensive review of the amplifier's make-up, 6moons says "This is an amp a lot more people should hear!".

For more information about this award-winning amplifier, visit the Crayon Audio website or contact us via or 020 3397 1119.

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