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Triangle Signature Delta’s Make What Hi-Fi?’s Best Speakers of 2016 List

Image of black Triangle Signature Delta speakers against a leafy background, What-Hi-Fi?'s Beast Speakers of 2016 under £5000

RRP: £4,600

What Hi-Fi? have been unveiling their picks of the best hi-fi components of 2016, and have rated Triangle’s Signature Delta speakers as the "Best Hi-Fi Speakers Under £5000" this year.

The floorstanding Signature Delta speakers have caught the eyes of many critics over the years, and clearly stayed with What Hi-Fi? since they first gave them a five star review back in 2014.

“Start listening and it’s clear that the Signature Deltas are entertainers of the highest order.”

Judges at What Hi-Fi? were impressed with the French speaker’s performance compared to competitors in its field. The 3-way design and use of traditional paper cones, as well as Delta’s trademark horn-loaded aluminium dome tweeters also caught the reviewers’ attention.

“These Triangles are articulate and agile. They can track fast moving basslines with ease, and deliver each low frequency transient with exceptional punch and precision.”

With a sensitivity rating of 92 dB/W/m and an impedance range of between 3.2 Ω

- 8 Ω, the Signature Delta’s are, in What Hi-Fi?’s opinion, great quality speakers that manage to capture even the tiniest of details in the music.

“Triangle may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about five-grand floorstanders, but on this evidence it should be.”

Elite Audio will be exhibiting the Triangle Signature Delta hi-fi speakers at this year’s Hi-Fi Show Live in Old Windsor, taking place on 29th-30th October. Visit Lancaster Suite 6 to listen to the speakers for yourself.

Not attending the show? Elite Audio also offer a 30-day, no risk trial on all products meaning that you can listen to one of the "Best Hi-Fi Speakers of 2016" in the comfort of your own listening environment.

To find out more visit the Triangle section of website or contact Elite Audio on 020 3397 1119 or

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