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Success at the The Hi-Fi Show Live 2016 for Elite Audio

Elite Audio hi-fi component set up at the Hi-Fi Show Live 2016

The Hi-Fi Show Live 2016 took place in Old Windsor this past weekend, bringing together the country’s most serious audiophiles and manufacturers to experience the best in worldwide hi-fi technology.

Elite Audio took up residence in Lancaster Suite 6 with a range of audio products from Gato Audio, Boenicke Audio, Triangle, Erzetich and many more.

The room played host to the premiere of several audio components. Perhaps the most highly praised items in the room were the Boenicke W8 and W11 loudspeakers, making their first ever appearance at an audio show in the UK. Crowds were in disbelief that the small loudspeakers could deliver such powerful results on their own.

The Crayon Audio CFA-1.2 integrated amplifier was also unveiled to a UK audience for the first time. The CFA-1.2 earned the prestigious 6moons Blue Moon award back in 2013, thanks to its impeccable sound quality and design. The review also claimed that it was an integrated amplifier that more people should hear, and Elite Audio felt the same, ensuring that it was taken along to the show.

Aqua-Acoustic’s Formula Optologic DAC also made it’s UK premiere with Elite Audio at the Hi-Fi Show. The DAC is the first in the Aqua-Acoustic range to show a proprietary D/A conversion system, that Aqua have named ‘Optologic’. This conversion system follows the same multibit technology (already used in the previous world acclaimed DACs such as La Voce and La Scala) but with a discrete R2R resistors ladder.

Elite Audio also ran a special competition, giving attendees the opportunity to win a pair of Triangle Espirit Titus EZ speakers worth £620. The lucky winner will be announced soon.

The Elite Audio team would like to send a big thank you to the Hi-Fi News team for hosting the event, as well as everyone who attended and took the time to visit them in Lancaster Suite 6. The experience would have been the same without them.

Missed us at the show? Don’t worry, you can find out about everything we exhibited by visiting our special Hi-Fi Show Live 2016 page on our website. You can also still claim our exclusive offer of up to 20% off your next new purchase by contacting Elite Audio at or on 020 3397 1119.

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