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Octave Audio V40SE: Highly Commended by Hi-Fi News

RRP: £4,200

The Octave Audio V40 SE integrated amplifier, has been Highly Commended by Hi Fi News magazine, gaining a sound quality score of 83%.

Elite Audio became Octave Audio's official UK distributor in 2015. Hi-Fi News were then eager to try out their products.

"Chunky as it looks, the V40 SE is the baby of Octave’s integrated amp range."

Although it may look intimidating, the V40 SE is a user-friendly amplifier that creates a powerful soundstage that doesn't over-exaggerate the details in the music. It remains stable no matter what is played, all the way down to a 2 Ohm load. Although the tubes on this amplifier are not auto-biased, manual biasing allows users to set the amplifier up just how they want it.

The integrated amplifier was tested along with Octave Audio's Black Box, a device created by Octave Audio to ensure that all of their amplifiers work with any loudspeaker, as well as adding extra reservoir capacitance to the power supply.

"With orchestral music, the V40 SE could deliver a fine sense of scale and power."

A range of music from classical to rock was tested, and Hi-Fi News found that the unique details of each genre were picked up by the V40 SE with ease. Atmosphere was created in the room with every track.

This amplifier is a "Second Edition" (hence the SE) and has a new 'Ecomode' function to ensure that the amplifier functions in an environmentally friendly way.

Hi-Fi News' final verdict claimed that Octave Audio was a brand that must be heard, along with the V40 SE integrated amplifier.

Want to try the Octave Audio V40 SE integrated amplifier on your hi-fi setup? We offer a 30-day, no-risk trial on all of our products to allow you to experience the components in your own listening environment. Contact Elite Audio today to find out more: or 020 3397 1119.

Read the full review here.

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