All About the Boenicke Audio W Series

Boenicke Audio has been handcrafting loudspeakers for two decades, thinking outside the box when it comes to high end hi-fi systems.

The solid wood exterior of the W series may not look like your average loudspeaker but inside, the components can certainly compete with some of the best. Even the W5 loudspeakers, which can comfortably sit on a desktop, provide the most incredible results that rival some floorstanding models.

What makes the Boenickes unique is their solid wood structure that does not hinder their performance and also adds to the visual appeal of the loudspeakers.

The W Series currently has three models that come with exquisite sound as standard, or with added extras in the SE and SE+ versions. These added extras such as an electromechanical parallel resonator to bass-midrange, boost the already incredible soundstage even further to provide the best listening experience.

There is meaning to the names of the Boenickes; the “W” relates to the solid wood construction of the speakers and the number signifies the driver diameter. Using the W5 as an example, it is a solid wood speaker with a 5cm tweeter.


The smallest in the range is the W5, which has blown away critics and received the Blue Moon award from 6moons back in 2013.

Though the speakers are designed for your desktop, they give off a powerful and atmospheric soundstage that deliver far more than would be expected of such small speakers. This is helped by the custom made spring suspension to give it a little lift and isolate it from the desktop. By doing this, midrange lucidity, airiness and distortion figures are all largely improved.

The miniature ambient tweeter gives the W5 an excellent polar diagram that makes its soundstage so compelling.

RRP: From £3,598


Larger than the W5, but the smallest floorstander made by Boenicke, the W8 loudspeakers fill the room with sound without taking up too much space themselves. These speakers have also been widely acclaimed by critics across the globe, claiming that they are the best small floorstanding loudspeakers they have ever heard.

RRP: From £5,526


The W11 is the newest in the series, and is much bigger than its older siblings.

The ultra-high quality, custom-made autoformer allows for the bass level to be adjusted in 2.5 dB increments, all the way up to 10 dB. The loudspeaker also features a paper voice coil former, with Boenicke claiming that "paper sounds more natural and uncoloured than any other material otherwise used".

RRP: From £7,987

The loudspeakers come in four different wood types; walnut, ash, cherry and oak (not available for the W11).

This is not the end of the W Series from Boenicke, with their flagship W13 floorstanding speaker coming very soon.

Interested in the W Series loudspeakers from Boenicke? All versions are available from Elite Audio, the official UK distributor of Boenicke Audio. All speakers are available on a 30-day, no-risk trial. Generous part exchanges are also on offer, meaning you can upgrade your current set of speakers for less.

To find out more, visit the Boenicke Audio section of the website. Alternatively, contact Elite Audio directly at or on 020 3397 1119.

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