Boenicke Audio W5: The Blue Moon Winning Louspeakers

The Boenicke Audio W Series of loudspeakers is now available from Elite Audio, including the small but mighty W5, which won the 6moons Blue Moon award back in 2013.

“The W5's refusal to do fussy is a breath of fresh air and a big part of its guaranteed satisfaction appeal.”

The desktop speakers may not look like high-end loudspeakers, weighing just 3.5kg, but the internals and construction of the speakers give it the ability to contend with some of the best floorstanding loudspeakers.

“Unless you want rock concert exposure. Good luck getting any work done. 90dB peaks at one meter on the desk top are insane.”

You may be wondering what the “W” and the “5” mean; the “W” relates to the solid wood construction of the speakers and the number signifies the driver diameter. In the W5’s case, it is a solid wood speaker with a 5cm ‘tweeter’.

“...the W5 is a full-blooded Boenicke.”

The components that go into making the W5 are what really make the small Boenickes special. The bass driver is capable of a 16 mm linear excursion, all from a 2.8 L volume.

“ of the most gifted speaker designers currently working…”

The review also contained a statement from 6moons contributors, Marja and Henk, after hearing a demo of the speakers at a show; “Already from this relatively brief encounter we will state that if we had to start all over again with assembling an audio system, we'd turn to Sven Boenicke for speakers first."

“...tiny rear-firing ambient tweeter. With its deliberately low placement and the down firing angle of the rear baffle's inverted slope, this tweeter might even reflect off your table top if placed sufficiently far from the edge. Either way this helps to energize the ambient milieu to give you more air and spaciousness even if you lack a nearby front wall.”

This is helped by the custom made spring suspension to give it a little lift and isolate it from the desktop. By doing this, midrange lucidity, airiness and distortion figures are all vastly improved.

The miniature ambient tweeter gives the W5 an excellent polar diagram that makes its soundstage so compelling.

“The W5's built-in tonefulness thus isn't overdone woodiness or resonant action from box talk. It's a combo of deliberate very benign room involvement and far-above-average retrieval of recorded ambiance.”

Though the speakers are designed for your desktop, they give off a powerful and atmospheric soundstage that deliver far more than would be expected of such small speakers.

Interested in the W5 desktop loudspeakers from Boenicke? All versions are available from Elite Audio, the official UK distributor of Boenicke Audio. All speakers are available on a 30-day, no-risk trial. Generous part exchanges are also on offer, meaning you can upgrade your current set of speakers for less.

To find out more, visit the Boenicke Audio section of the website. Alternatively, contact Elite Audio at or on 020 3397 1119.

6moons Blue Moon award certificate for Boenicke W5 loudspeakers

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