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Auris Audio Forte 150 Amplifier: First Impressions From Mono and Stereo

Pair of Auris Audio Forte 150 amplifier in black

RRP: £12,990 for a pair

Mono and Stereo recently got a special preview of the Auris Audio Forte 150 amplifier and their first impressions were more than fantastic.

“an ethereal listening experience.”

Much like the rest of Auris’ product range, the Forte 150 mono power amplifier combines the very best of audio technology with aesthetically pleasing design.

“Mundorf capacitors and WBT silver connectors as well as silver wiring for the signal path manifest Auris’ exact aspirations towards providing the best possible sound without compromise.”

The amplifier’s bias adjustment positioning makes it user-friendly, allowing the user to control and monitor it at any time. The Forte 150 is a very powerful amplifier, with a double C-core sized output transformer that allows for 200W and creates a signal linearity of 15Hz - 50kHz.

“It’s evident that Auris Audio wanted to push the envelope with the Forte 150.”

Not only did the sound of the amplifier catch reviewer Matej Isak’s ears, the design of the amp also caught his eye. Its wooden sides cushion the vibrations as well as provide protection from outside influences on the sound. But the sides also add to the elegance of the amplifier, along with the “infinity shaped” front panels (available in silver or black).

“With so many products on the market, one doesn’t really know what to expect when certain products arrive for review, but it’s always encouraging to discover new, and potent performers.”

Every part of the Forte 150’s design and sound quality impressed Isak, with one of his final thoughts being that it “explored the exhilarating, yet natural side of high-end audio reproduction.”

Elite Audio are the official UK distributors of Auris Audio. You can try it in your own listening environment for 30-days on our no-risk, money-back guarantee trial. Elite Audio also offer a generous part exchange allowing you to upgrade your current amplifier for less. To find out more about the Forte 150 and the rest of the Auris Audio product range, contact Elite Audio on 020 3397 1119 or at

Read the full review here.

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