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Soundsmith Carmen Upgrades to MK II

Soundsmith Carmen MKII

Soundsmith’s Carmen cartridge has been given a little makeover, with the Carmen MK II now available from Elite Audio.

This cartridge has an ultra smooth presentation and a well-developed midrange that delivers a high quality listening experience.

The most special element of the Carmen is the hyper-elliptical shaped stylus. It has been cut by a free nude diamond and has an an ultra-low mass occlusion. This low setting combined with Soundsmith’s Fixed Coil design gives a precise resolution to the music.

The Carmen MK II is perfect for those who enjoy long listening sessions, as Soundsmith claim that it can pull you into the music for hours on end.

The original Carmen was reviewed by Hifi Pig earlier this year, earning the “Recommended” badge. The agility, control and musicality as well as the velvety sound of the cartridge are what impressed the reviewer the most.

The design has also changed, with the signature shape still intact. The Carmen MK II still features the green top portion but with a lighter brown solid wood casing.

Elite Audio are official Soundsmith distributors in the UK. You can try the Carmen MK II in your own listening environment for 30-days on our no-risk, money-back guarantee. Elite Audio also offer a generous part exchange allowing you to upgrade your current hi-fi components for less. To find out more contact Elite Audio on 020 3397 1119 or

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