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Elite Audio Adds Wyred 4 Sound to Their Portfolio

Earlier this week we announced that we had added Korean manufacturers, SOtM, to the Elite Audio portfolio. Now we are pleased to announce that we have added Wyred 4 Sound to the growing list of hi-fi component designers.

Wyred 4 Sound are an American brand who focus on creating some of the best high-end audio components at affordable prices. The brand's products have picked up many awards over the years including several Blue Moon awards, The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Awards and SoundStage! Reviewers' Choice awards among others.

Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 in black

From £1,599

One of the most awarded components is the DAC-2 series boasting a Blue Moon Award, The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016, a Reviewers' Choice award from SoundStage!, a Perfect 10 Award from 10 Audio and a Best of 2012 award from Home Theatre Review.

Of the DAC-2, Sarajan Ebaen at 6moons said: "Wyred DAC2 makes for a remote-controlled modern music source that not only slaughters legacy digital on convenience, it should sonically outperform any $3.000 CD player you care to name".


Another award-winning component, this time winning a Realsization award from 6moons, is the mINT integrated amplifier. The small but powerful unit has a built-in DAC and headphone amp and supports 24 bit 192kHz streaming through S/PDIF inputs and 24 bit 96kHz via USB.

Andre Marc of Tone Audio magazine said: "The Wyred4Sound mINT is the perfect solution for music lovers wanting great sound that have a reasonable budget and want to maximise space, i.e. not have a giant rack full of audio gear." awarding it the Exceptional Value Award in 2013.

You can view the full Wyred 4 Sound range here.

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