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Five Star Review for Lindemann Musicbook:25 DSD

Lindemann Musicbook:25 DSD on wooden table

The Ear recently reviewed Lindemann's Musicbook:25 DSD, giving the network music player five stars.

Lindemann's Musicbook series is no stranger to awards, with the previous Musicbook range receiving accolades from around the world. The DSD update has now taken the components one step further.

"Even under show conditions it was producing a must-hear sound and one that I wanted to spend more time with. I wasn’t disappointed."

The Musicbook:25 DSD is currently Lindemann's highest grade component. Although it is presented as a network streamer, the Musicbook:25 also has a built-in pre-amplifier, DAC, headphone amp and CD player making it a well-rounded piece of hi-fi kit.

"Somehow the Lindemann managed to reveal another dimension, a new layer of inner detail that I did not recall..."

Inside, the Musicbook:25 DSD holds a premium Japanese AKM DAC chip. This chip contributes to the Musicbook:25 DSD's sound quality and detailing, enhancing the streaming listening experience.

"A recently acquired copy of a Carpe Diem Records’ collection of Hildegard von Bingen (Vox Cosmica) had me enthralled. I ended up listening to the entire album twice, almost mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the performance, which appeared to be portrayed so naturally by the Lindemann electronics."

The Muscibook:25 DSD was also reviewed back in November by Hi-Fi+ Magazine, who rated the Lindemann component highly. In it, the reviewer said that the Musicbook:25 DSD was the perfect piece of equipment for those who may want a much smaller setup. The Ear made a similar final statement;

"Couple it to some active speakers and, bingo – you have a simple system producing quality to make your friends and neighbours envious."

The full Lindemann Musicbook DSD range, including the Musicbook:25 DSD, is available from Elite Audio. We offer a very generous part exchange on hi-fi components, meaning you can upgrade for less. Elite Audio also offer 30-day no-risk, money-back guarantee free trials on selected products. To find out more, please contact us at or on 020 3397 1119.

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