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Blue (Moon) Monday

Blue Moon

As it is Blue Monday we thought we'd take the opportunity to shine some positive light on the Blue Moon award-winning components from our extensive brand catalogue.

Over the years, a long list of our brand's products have received the Blue Moon award.

The award is given to outstanding products in the hi-fi world that are deemed to be the very best of their kind.

Click the product name to find out more about it. Click the image to read the full review.

Aqua Acoustic La Scala DAC with Blue Moon Award

The La Scala DAC offers a dynamic sound.

With a High-Voltage MOSFET, the La Scala offers smooth playback and a fast response.

An Optologic version is now available, offering the fantastic software for less.

Aqua Acoustic Formula Optologic DAC with Blue Moon Award

RRP: £12,500

Enhanced with a discrete R2R resistors ladder, the Optologic Formula DAC is able to give a pure and clean delivery.

Slightly more sophisticated than the La Scala, but with most of the same technology applied, the Optologic Formula DAC is a favourite of industry specialists and audiophiles.


Boenicke 5 loudspeaker with Blue Moon Award

RRP: from £3,598

The small but mighty Boenicke W5 loudspeakers are hard competition to beat. were impressed with the soundstage the solid wood loudspeakers were able to create.

Crayon Audio CFA-1.2 Stereo Amplifier with Blue Moon Award

RRP: £4,400

Crayon Audio pride themselves in creating elegant hi-fi components that provide just as elegant a sound. was impressed by the 'small' amp's impressive power increase of 63/90wpc into 8/4Ω (117w peak into 4Ω).

Source can be adjusted for almost every component, making it a fantastic addition to any hi-fi system.


Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amplifier with Blue Moon award

RRP: £2,990

This class D integrated amplifier comes with both analogue and digital inputs. It can also be configured for home theatre for those who enjoy cinema quality sound while watching movies.

The Blue Moon award review mentioned that the digital input from streaming services was exceptional, with very little noise.

Gato Audio gave the amp a "super" upgrade recently, bringing out the DIA-250S, with more than 20 improvements.


Octave HP 500SE Pre-amplifier with Blue Moon Award

RRP: £7,250

Octave have described the HP 500SE pre-amp as their defining amplifier. Enhancing the power of tubes it gives a more tightly defined bass, a low frequency and an exciting midrange. claimed that the pre-amp offers something more pleasing than usual tube amplifier and can even impress some of the biggest cynics.

Octave V80 Integrated Amplifier with Blue Moon Award

SE Model RRP: £8,950

Reviewed along with the HP 500SE was the V80 integrated amplifier. A line level integrated amplifier, with 2 x 40 W peak output power, it delivers a clear and powerful sound.

With a stable impedance configuration, the V80 is perfect for loudspeakers with an unstable impedance configuration.


SOtM sDP-1000 DAC & Pre-amp with Blue Moon Award

EX Model RRP: £3,495

Currently onto the upgraded EX model (which supports DSD playback), this DAC with a built-in pre-amp really impressed the reviewer. Both the sound quality and functionality were winners for this SOtM component.

The review claimed that the sDP-1000 can compete with some of the best and is perfect for those looking to keep their setup simple.

Triangle Magellan Duetto loudspeakers with Blue Moon Award

The Magellan Duettos may be small but they don't compromise on big and engaging sound.

A dynamic sound combined with elegant finishes really blew the reviewer away.

A fantastic set of speakers for smaller listening rooms.


Wyred 4 Sound STP Pre-amplifier with Blue Moon Award

STP-SE Model RRP: £1,999

Wyred 4 Sound's STP pre-amp is another component for those looking to downscale their hi-fi system .

What really impressed however was the pre-amp's ability to sound like a high-bandwidth low-noise valve pre-amp, without any tubes.

The STP-SE2 is currently under review by

Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 with Blue Moon Award

RRP: from £1,299

Now with several models in the 'series' as well as DSD playback capabilities, the DAC2 was a real winner for back when it was first reviewed.

Both the price and the components capabilities wowed the reviewer, who said it was the perfect DAC for those who primary stream their music.

Wyred 4 Sound mPRE & 2 mAMPs with Blue Moon Award

RRP: £1,099

RRP: £999

Both the mPRE and the mAMP were reviewed together, creating a fantastic system that can compete with many other integrated components at a fraction of the cost.

The added bonus of DAC/headfi functionality was the icing on the cake for the trio's Blue Moon award.

All of the products listed are available from Elite Audio. We offer a very generous part exchange on hi-fi components, meaning you can upgrade for less. Elite Audio also offer 30-day no-risk, money-back guarantee free trials on selected products allowing you to try components in your own listening room. To find out more, please contact us at or on 020 3397 1119.

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