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Elite Audio Showroom Launch

A massive thank you to everyone who braved the harsh weather last night to come and see us for our opening event!

An extra special thank you to the fine chaps DAS CONTRAS for their amazing live performance, and to Steve from Eden Mill for keeping us all plied with liquor and generally being a fun guy to be around!

A further round of applause should be given to Antony from Innuos and Frederik and Kresten from Gato Audio who travelled so far to talk about their remarkable products and being on hand to answer questions.

To our two contest winnners: Your prizes are on the way and congratulations again!

And to everyone else, we've sent you a little gift in the post just as a small thank you.

We hope you had a great evening and we look forward to seeing you for the next one!

Finally; a big thank you to Brian Anderson, Multi award winning videographer from Broadcasting Cottage for making the video above. You were great!

- The Elite Audio Team

Mark Connie David Martyn Rachael John

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