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Triangle THETIS 380 & TALES 400 Now Available from Elite Audio

French brand TRIANGLE introduces two new subwoofers benefiting greatly from the experience of its previous models and expanding its THETIS and TALES ranges. The manufacturer took the opportunity to optimize the amplifiers on all models by focusing on the power handling of the driver at high volume as well as the dynamic range.


The THETIS 380 subwoofer is Triangle’s most powerful model. Triangle paid attention to the depth and punch in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding and dedicated listeners. The engineering team developed a new 12-inch (30cm) driver to make the listener feel the full intensity of the low frequencies from a film or music track.

A new enclosure has been designed using laser sensors to measure the cabinet distortions to avoid unwanted vibrations and sound coloration. The development went further than just the drivers. The class-D amplifier has been designed from the ground up and now offers an output of 350 watts RMS (500 W peak) ensuring a large energy reserve.

The THETIS subwoofers are versatile and feature various inputs and extensive settings. They include an LFE input enabling parameters to be set directly from the home theatre amplifier, and standard RCA inputs for hi-fi amplifiers. They also feature high-level inputs to connect amplifiers that have no subwoofer output.


The TALES series features versatile amplifiers for hi-fi /home theatre that are excellent value for money. TALES 400 is no exception to this rule and offers a subwoofer within the best audiophile tradition, bass reflex configuration and a driver facing down for seamless sound dispersion.

TALES 400 offers an output of 300watts RMS (400W peak) and now includes an LFE input, adding to the standard line input found on previous models. It also features an automatic standby, a frequency roll-off, volume and phase control for an optimal fit of the subwoofer in relation to its placement in the room and the main speakers used.

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