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Double Review Award for Wyred 4 Sound

HiFi Choice magazine have released their dual review of the STP-SE Pre-Amplifier Stage 2 and the newly released ST-750 LE Stereo Amp.

David Price, reviewer at HiFi Choice says: "Give this pre-power combo an hour to warm up and you’ll soon see that it’s a crisp, detailed and neutral sounding package with plenty of wallop."

"Spinning up Kraftwerk’s Techno Pop brings the amplifiers closer to their comfort zone. This is a big, powerful, rhythmic track that doesn’t live or die by the natural warmth of the presentation. Here the pre/power combination really spreads its wings and flies; there’s a natural grip to the proceedings – a sense of metronomic pace – that really enhances the enjoyment of the song. The percussion track has some powerful snare drums that get louder in close succession, giving a great sense of force and push to the music. This is really well communicated, even when I start to push the volume up to serious high levels into my Yamaha NS-1000M loudspeakers."

Price concluded by saying: "It’s an unknown brand for most of us, but this Wyred 4 Sound twosome does a lot to impress. With its broad spread of abilities, there’s much to like – it has power in spades, an expansive soundstage, lots of detail and a fundamentally bouncy and animated sound. Factor in its sturdy build, and this package is certainly well worth an audition."

To find out more about these prestigious products, and the dedicated team behind Wyred 4 Sound or to arrange a no-risk at home demo, please contact us: or by calling 01334 570 666

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