Boenicke W8s Are The Editor's Choice

Boenicke W8 loudspeakers from: £5,802

The Boenicke W8 loudspeakers have been awarded HiFi News' highest award possible; the Editor's Choice award.

The review starts by giving a little bit of background on the W8 loudspeakers. The expertly crafted, real wood loudspeakers certainly caught reviewer Steve Harris' attention.

Harris also mentioned the buzz the W8 loudspeakers caused when we took them along to last year's Hi-Fi Show Live. Many assumed we had a subwoofer somewhere in the room. We didn't.

Both rock and classical music managed to sound incredible according to Harris. The excitement that had been caused at the Hi-Fi Show Live was still justifiable.

The full review can be found in the current issue (March 2017) of Hi-Fi News. Here are some highlights that prove just why the Boenicke W8 loudspeakers have been awarded the 'Editor's Choice' award;

"The speakers now did a good job of conveying the energy of a concert."

"If the speaker already offered a pleasant sense of freedom, a seemingly unfettered presentation, this aspect was now enormously enhanced."

"On classic 1970s tracks, the W8 proved that it could fill the room - and your head - with rock, and it could sometimes bring striking insights into the music."

The final sentence of the 'Hi-Fi News Verdict' reads; "Seek them out and listen!", which pretty much sums up the truly unique listening experience these loudspeakers create.

Would you like to hear the Boenicke W8 loudspeakers for yourself? We will be exhibiting the award-winning loudspeakers at this year's Scalford HiFi Show! Visit us in the Coleman Room to hear their sensational sound.

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