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The DAC 2v2 SE Receives "Exceptional Value Award"

Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2v2 SE with Tone Audio Award

Rob Johnson has recently reviewed Wyred 4 Sound's top of the range DAC, the DAC 2v2 SE, for Tone Audio. After testing it out with a range of components, he awarded it the coveted "Exceptional Value Award".

Wyred 4 Sound pride themselves in manufacturing the best audio components at reasonable prices. Their DACs are no strangers to awards, with multiple "Editors' Choice Awards" from The Absolute Sound and a "Blue Moon Award" from already attached to their DAC Series.

"At first listen, the DAC 2v2SE demonstrates a natural, and relaxed presentation".

What caught Johnson's attention the most was the DAC's musicality. With the lowest jitter setting activated, the component managed to produce a smooth and engaging sound. This could be down to the high-end ESS Sabre 9028PRO DAC chip that makes up the DAC, offering DSD and 384 kHz PCM playback.

"Extensive soundstage portrayal is DAC 2v2SEs top strengths".

Not only did he DAC produce an incredible sound it also managed to create a 3D landscape of the music. The individual instruments could be heard as the DAC fed the sound to the loudspeakers. Johnson noted that it gave off a "solid approximation as if sitting several rows back in an auditorium at a live concert".

"The DAC 2v2SE does not appear to modify the sound of any amp it is mated with, it just gives the amp a chance to sing to its full potential".

For those who are worried that the DAC might not fit into their system, Johnson found that the DAC played well with the wide range of components he tested it with. The 2v2 SE also seemed to bring out the best in each component.

The review was rounded off with the DAC 2v2 SE's best features, accompanied by the Tone Audio "Exceptional Value Award":

"This DAC combines excellent build quality, understated modern looks, and a confidence inspiring five-year warranty...the DAC 2v2SE is another addition to the list of highly musical yet reasonably priced DACs that will make you sit back and take notice."

The full review can be read here.

Wyred 4 Sound will also be sending Tone Audio the special 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of the DAC for comparison.

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