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Densen Releases Its First Streamer: The CAST AMP

Two Densen CAST AMPs

Danish manufacturers Densen have launched their brand-new CAST AMP Streamer, the first in their brand-new Dino range of products.

The CAST AMP is the first product from Densen to allow streaming. By using Google Cast Audio technology, users will be able to stream music directly from services such as TIDAL. The component can also be used with Google Home to implement multiroom listening.

Densen has carefully selected and crafted each aspect of the CAST AMP to ensure that it operates at its highest possible level. A specially shaped, pure aluminium cabinet encases the external Wi-Fi Source along with a high-end DAC that has been manufactured from over 20 years of experience.

The most interesting and unique feature of the CAST AMP is the internal Power Amplifier. This is a scaled down version of the upcoming B-390 Power Amplifier (set to be released in late 2017) that has been 15 years in the making. The delivery of the CAST AMP is an incredible 2 x 60 W in 8 ohm and 2 x 120W in 4 ohm. As such, the component can also be used a s a standalone power amp with a 5V trigger.

Densen’s CAST AMP uses already pre-established streaming software to ensure that no issues are created between Densen created software and Google Cast. Densen have said that this can often be an issue with streamers created by other manufacturers, where software updates can sometimes clash.

The non-magnetic casing adds to the CAST AMPS benefits and decreases magnetic distortion. The aluminium casing also creates a heatsink, ensuring that the CAST AMP does not overheat.

The first owner will benefit from Densen’s lifetime warranty which starts after the standard warranty ends. It is available for order now from Elite Audio and retails at £2,895.

Technical features:

  • Output power: 2 x 60 W 8 Ω / 2 x 120 W 4 Ω

  • Power supply: 400 VA and 20.000 uF

  • 9 individual powersupplies

  • 5 volt trigger for remote control, when used as pure poweramp

  • Upgradeable DAC

  • Controllable via GOOGLE CAST AUDIO

  • Size: Height: 64mm (72mm with feet). Width: 220mm. Depth:310mm (+cable connectors)

  • Available in both Albino silver and black

  • Manufactured in Denmark

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