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Electrocompaniet's Speaker/Streamer/Subwoofer combo wins Editor's Choice from HiFi Pig

The Norwegian manufacturer's EC Living lifestyle products—the TANA SL2 speaker/streamer, L2 add-on speaker and SIRA L-1 subwoofer—used in combination, wow both Linette and Stuart Smith over at HiFi Pig Towers…

See some highlights below, see the review in full here—and visit our product pages here (SL2), here (L2) and here (L1).

"It doesn’t really seem important where the speaker is as it does give a very omni-directional sound”

"This Electrocompaniet system really is a joy to use and listen to, it’s very much a ‘chuck on what you fancy and enjoy’ system”

"Suffice to say you can push the Electrocompaniet to high volume without distortion”

"The Sira integrates perfectly, you can adjust the levels on the app to dial it in to your taste. Again, as I found with every aspect of these EC Living components this was all, very, very simple…and this is coming from someone who generally prefers to use a HiFi that I can operate with dials, buttons and a remote rather than an app on a phone.”

"I honestly can’t think of anything that I don’t like about this system"

"Tops and mids have a wonderful and airy clarity with an emotional connection that I would not have expected from this kind of system, and of course, there is that wonderfully integrated bass running underneath it all.”

"crank them up… and they really do fill the room”

"It is safe to say that the Electrocompaniet Tana SL-2, L-2 and Sira L1 system has changed my perception of wireless systems. This isn’t a compromise, it’s a totally enjoyable and versatile streaming system and I have no hesitation putting it forward for our highest award.”

"Saying these sound good for a lifestyle pair of speakers is doing them an injustice I feel. The simple fact of the matter is that they sound good…period!”

"In summary, this is a very good system for those that want to have a great sounding musical experience without the hassle of lots of boxes lying around. Get Qobuz and a Roon subscription and you are away”

"A wireless streaming system for people that don’t like wireless streaming systems, easy to set up and use, incredibly well made and sounds like ‘proper’ HiFi. Take my money.”


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