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Elite Audio Welcomes Perpetuum Ebner

WE Audio Systems PE 1010 Turntable

PE 1010 Turntable: From £1,653

German turntable manufacturers Perpetuum Ebner become the 30th brand in Elite Audio's portfolio. The company was first established in 1911 as "PERPETUUM" by Josef Steidinger. Since then it has been evolving and creating high-end audio components for audiophiles across the world.

The plate changer PE 10 was introduced in 1949, and is still available today in it's upgraded form, the PE 1010. The brand operated for decades, all the way up to 1973, when it was no longer in operation.

Over four decades later the brand was rejuvenated by Wolfgang Epting and WE Audio Systems. The PE 1010 and PE 4040 became the flagship products that brought Perpetuum Ebner back to life. With former engineers from Dual (a brand started by Gebrüder Steidinger) coming on-board, Perpetuum Ebner was back in full-swing.

With four different turntables* on its roster, developers WE Audio Systems is truly reviving the legacy of Josef Steidinger and the rich history of Perpetuum Ebner.

Elite Audio is the official UK distributor of WE Audio Systems. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.


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