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Erzetich Deimos Gets an Upgrade

Erzetich Updated Deimos Class-A Dual Mono Headphone amplifier

Erzetich Deimos, RRP: £2,995

Specialists in headphone amplifiers, Erzetich, have recently upgraded their Deimos class-A dual mono headphone amplifier. Based on the feedback received from audiences at hi-fi shows and individual presentations, they decided to tweak some things.

The initial non-intuitive switch for digital volume control has been replaced by something that is straightforward for all users – a potentiometer. The latter is connected to the same digital volume control via a microcontroller.

The front plate which was previously visually adapted to the switch, now made no sense to the new control approach. Additionally, it also appeared to be very complex to make and fragile while in the transport. Because of this Erzetich made a front plate by cleaner and sturdier design while still keeping the original spirit of their top range amplifier.

On top of all that, a higher quality gold plated headphone connector has been added.

The new Deimos will be shown live for the first time at the Munich High End Show in May. All attendees are invited along to test it out for themselves.

Elite Audio is the official UK distributor of Erzetich. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.


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