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Focal BATHYS receive a hat-trick of high praise from Ecoustics, Headfonics and WhatHi-Fi?…

The newest audiophile wireless headphones by French brand Focal, the BATHYS (pronounced Ba-teess) have impressed What Hi-Fi?, Ecoustics and Headfonics. They were all mightily impressed by the level of quality presented by these wireless ANC headphones, that outshine their competition—and narrow the gap to their wired counterparts.

See highlights from the reviews below or for more product information and a link to the full review visit our product page here: Focal Bathys

Focal Bathys high-fidelity wireless headphones with What Hi-Fi 5-star rating displayed above the earcup.

"As it stands, these are easily the best wireless headphone I’ve tried to date and well worth an audition.”

"The Focal’s bold bass passes the test; the bassline groove is profound and pacey, driving the melody forward to get us toe-tapping away."

"The Bathys certainly outperform the current wireless closed-back headphones I have here in the office."

"The level of resolution is decidedly superior to anything we’ve tried so far"

"Up to the lower mids, the Bathys is almost a picture-perfect Harman Target curve with a lifted bass shelf peaking around 50Hz then a gentle slide down to 200Hz..."

Focal Bathys headphones and cables neatly packed inside a black protective carrying case.

"A level of sound quality that wasn’t possible in a wireless headphone until now…"

"The general staging property of the Bathys is powerful but intimate

with a rounded staging quality punctuated by a forward vocal region."

"From a usability perspective, the Focal Bathys are one of the best at any price"

"The Bathys are highly recommendable for anyone after the convenience of portability in a premium pair of headphones at this price.”

"A pair of wireless headphones that will isolate better than almost anything we have tried so far."

"…leatherette pads are supremely soft also meaning the lateral clamping pressure is barely noticeable at the point of contact with your head.."

"Classical fans need to seriously consider these."

Close-up of the Focal Bathys headphone's earcup showcasing the control buttons for active noise cancelling and Bluetooth pairing.

"Getting the violin to sound natural and rich is an impressive trick for any pair of headphones—and the Focal delivered in a big way."

"Bathys do an excellent job of blocking out a wide range of low-frequency environmental noise."

"The overall sound quality is superb for any headphone, but we’re talking about a pair of ANC wireless headphones that retail for $799 USD."

"...the Bathys' accommodatingly sizeable, spacious soundstage laps up the dense soundscape..."

"first headphone out of the dozens we have listened to over the past few years that deserve to be called “audiophile” quality in the wireless category."

"...potential 30dB of additional noise attenuation does make a considerable difference to your surroundings."

"The soundstage is well-proportioned with enough depth and width to allow a proper seating of the orchestra and enough height to give the illusion of a three dimensional space."

Frontal view of the Focal Bathys headphones, emphasizing the elegant design and the branding on the earcups.

"The Bathys is more about good depth than massive airy headroom."

"Instantly we recognise the smooth, warm, full-bodied tonal balance"

"It sounds smooth, fairly dense, and quite powerful when called upon."

"...very good levels of resolution, dynamic subtlety and rhythmic ability..."

"Focal have created an ANC wireless headphone with better noise-cancelling than any other model in the category."

Profile view of the Focal Bathys headphones, highlighting the comfortable headband and the ear-cup's leather cushion design.

"...Focal Bathys support one of the highest quality codecs present in the market..."

"...leather ear pads are thick and soft, and the headband substantial and cushioned."

"Combine superior battery performance, solid build quality, category leading ANC, and a level of sound quality that wasn’t possible in a wireless headphone until now and you have the most impressive new pair of headphones we’ve tried so far in 2022”

"...this level of build and beauty in the Bluetooth headphones market is very rare—perhaps unprecedented."

"The Focal Bathys have truly exceeded our expectations. If they can improve on these in any significant way going forward, the wired category is in real trouble.”

Profile view of the Focal Bathys headphones, highlighting the comfortable headband and the earcup's mesh design.


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