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Focal's new Arche headphone amp packs pleasing power for What Hi-Fi?

The French speaker and headphone company's new DAC / Headphone Amplifier is not only great for using with their own headphones…

Read the full What Hi-Fi? review here and see our product page with more spec and price, etc.

"The Arche is well-built and beautifully designed in its simplicity, and is a great choice if you're after a high quality DAC for your headphones"

"There was enormous life and dynamic range across all the music genres I tried (including prog rock, jazz, female vocalist, baroque and classical)"

"If you're after a high quality DAC to drive your Focal headphones (or really, any brand or model of headphones at all), the Focal Arche is a fine unit"

"You need not worry about your headphones being supplied insufficient power!"

"Generally the unit sounded excellent, just as I’d expected"

"Exceptional isolation from USB noise"

"Beautiful, solid design"

"Focal knows what it’s doing by providing a first-class signal to drive its own products: The Elears were open and airy, limitlessly detailed and beautifully balanced"


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