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Innuos double-dip in the good news pot…

The PhoenixUSB reclocker picks up good reviews as Innuos announces 8TB upgrades for its ZENith Mk3 and STATEMENT Music Server and Streamer models.

Hifi Pig reported the doubling of the storage capacity of the two server/streamers—now both boasting 8TB SSDs. Read their news story here. Current owners needn't feel neglected—you can't contact your dealer for an upgrade to your existing model.

Meanwhile, the PhoenixUSB reclocker continues to pick up great reviews—most recently from Hifi+ and AudioBacon, among others.

Alan Sircom at Hifi+ summarises:

"You plug the PhoenixUSB into your digital audio chain thinking ‘yeah, maybe it’ll make a bit of a difference… but not enough to justify the price’, listen for maybe 10 seconds, then kick yourself for making you spend £2,249. If you unplug it, you listen for another 10 seconds, then plug it back in and tell your source and DAC that you’ll didn’t mean it and will never hurt them in the same way again."

Jay Luong at audiobacon is similarly impressed:

"For me, it’s tough to enjoy my digital music without the Innuos Phoneix USB reclocker. With familiar tracks, I start to hear the missing pieces…and that’s just unacceptable for this audiophile. The Phoenix unlocks the information in the music without sounding processed or forced. If you spend most of your time listening to digital music, you owe it to yourself to give this reclocker a listen".

It really does seem as though this is a 'can't unhear it' product that once you've tried, you'll never want to be without. You can buy them right here—of course—this is where you'll find them.


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