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Innuos PhoenixUSB picks up 'Product of the Year' award from…

Jason Kennedy loves the "highly articulate and lifelike sound" of the PhoenixUSB reclocker.

You can read the award summary here, or the full review (worth it) here. And when you've done that and been converted, you can head over here and buy yourself one—you know you deserve it!

"The PhoenixUSB delivers the best sound I’ve heard with a USB connection to date"

"I love the taut pace it brings to more complex rhythms where different instruments are playing at different tempos, it makes bands like the Grateful Dead gel like nobody’s business"

"the reclocker significantly enhances timing definition; drums and bass become more solid and coherent and the soundstage deepens at the same time"

"…the sound goes from meh to woah, especially with a great classical recording… where the extra detail resolved and the coherence with which it is presented add up to a perceived doubling of scale, dynamics and melodic charm."

"this reclocker takes away the grain that can make digital recordings sound bright or edgy and delivers a clean and relaxed sound"


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