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Mark Levinson No.5105 turntable picks up accolade

The 5000 series turntable seriously impresses HiFi News' Ken Kessler and Paul Miller—earning itself an Outstanding Product award…

Read that review in full here—and check out our product page right here.

"this deck is so simple to set up that those who equate complexity with quality will be baffled"

"Detail obsessives will delight in the way this analogue front-end handles nuances, especially breathiness and realistic, rather than irritating sibilance"

"One little luxury—which ought to be found on every turntable—is a built-in spirit level"

"Regardless of the cartridge, this deck holds it all together, and because of this, it emerges as a key player in the current revolution"

"If this deck has a party trick, beyond the openness and the mesmerising absence of vinyl whoosh, it has to be the lower octaves"

"The images and sounds were suspended in total freedom from the speakers, delivering that sought-after disappearing trick we all desire from our systems"

"the No5105 is neither a rock nor a jazz nor a pop nor a classical deck, but one of equal opportunism"

"The precision of every facet of the No5105's build – from chassis, bearing, platter and LP weight through to the trio of adjustable feet and exquisite tonearm – is world-class and an object lesson in what can be achieved by 21st century industrial hi-fi design"

"This is a sublime device which does everything you'd want of a deck at its price, while delivering pride of ownership usually restricted to luxury pens and watches. I'm dazzled."


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