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Metrum's FLINT entry level DAC appeals to What Hi-Fi?

The mini non-oversampling DAC with multi-bit resistor ladder (R2R) DAC circuitry has an "unusually robust sonic character" according to What Hi-Fi?, who award it a solid 4 stars.

Read the review of Netherlands-based Metrum Acoustics' FLINT in full here—and visit our product page for price and full details here.

"An entry-level DAC that delivers an entertaining sound"

"It delivers the music’s sense of power and authority in an effortless manner, rendering large-scale dynamic sweeps with conviction."

"This is a compact and nicely made metal-cased unit that feels solid in the hand"

"It sounds more muscular and forthright than any of the conventionally designed opposition we’ve heard"

"There’s solid kick at low frequencies, coupled to a good supply of agility and articulation"

"Take a look inside and it’s hard not to be impressed by the neat circuit layout while noting the dual proprietary ‘Transient’ digital modules"

"This DAC is surefooted when it comes to rhythms and has a fine sense of drive"

“…the Metrum sounds right at home, delivering the music with verve and punch."

“…there’s something about the Flint’s no-nonsense approach to music-making that appeals to us greatly"


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