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Octave's Amp Duo a Hit

Octave MRE 220 monoblocks and HP 700 pre-amp

MRE 220 RRP: £15,995 HP 700 RRP: £10,390

Octave's latest amplifier combination was recently put to the test by Tom Frantzen for Stereo Magazine. The HP 700 Modular Pre-amp and the MRE 220 Monoblocks were tested together, with impressive results.

The Octave range has been a favourite of Stereo Magazine for many years according to Frantzen, so the bar was already set pretty high for the HP 700 and MRE 220.

Frantzen starts out by squashing the claim that rock and tubes do not go together. In fact, he even goes as far to say that the combination of these two is a must.

"AC/DC's 'Back in Black' for instance, leaves the entire room with mouths agape. Stunning!"

Trailed with two different sets of loudspeakers (DALI Epicon 6 and Bowers & Wilkins 802 D3), the Octave duo managed to fill the room and produce an engaging soundstage with both. Even with more compact speakers, Frantzen claims that the results will still be as spectacular.

"Clearly using the best possible amp technology is the only way to exploit the full potential of any speakers."

Every genre was tested from classical and pop, to rock and indie and an incredible sound was achieved every time.

"These amps can simply do everything..."

Both components received a 100% Sound Quality rating along with a "Very Good" Price/Performance rating.

The full review can be read here.

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