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Sennheiser in-ear audiophile 'phones win 5-star review

Ed Selley at HiFi Choice magazine gives a 'Recommended' award and pins 5 stars on the chest of the Sennheiser IE 900 audiophile in-ear headphones describing them as one of the "very finest anywhere near the price"…

See some clips below or buy yerself issue 477 (Jul21) of HiFi Choice—and you can find more detail, technical spec or order some at our product page.

“Everything feels more engineered and less artisanal than can be the case from smaller companies and this inspires confidence”

“I can’t fault the design and build”

“…it is still an exceptionally fast and controlled-sounding earphone. Bass starts and stops with precision and it never dominates the performance”

“It isn’t cheap, but the level of engineering means this is one of the very finest earphones anywhere near the price”

“Tiny little details are effortlessly picked out of the mix without ever being distracting”

“Staggeringly open, engaging and propulsive sound”

“This is a staggeringly talented in-ear and asks very little of you or the partnering equipment to sound sublime”

“A truly outstanding earphone that takes Sennheiser’s single-driver ethos another stage further"


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