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Show Round-Up: Elite Audio at The Scalford HiFi Show 2017

Elite Audio set-up at The Scalford HiFi Show 2017

The Scalford HiFi Show 2017 hosted by HiFi Wigwam took place last Sunday, opening the doors of Scalford Hall to Wammers and distributors to exhibit their very best hi-fi systems.

As official show sponsors, Elite Audio were excited to bring some of our most exciting new components along for audiophiles to enjoy.

Since our last show, we've added a few more brands to our portfolio and we wanted to give them the chance to show the HiFi Wigwam community exactly what they are made of.

With a Macbook as the source, we wanted to ensure that the music produced was clean and clear. Using one of our Audiophilleo2 MKII USB to S/PDIF Processors with a PurePower battery power supply from Audiophilleo, the signal was cleaned up beautifully.

The set-up featured several Wyred 4 Sound products including the DAC-2v2 SE, SX-1000R Mono-block Amplifiers and the STP-SE Pre-amplifier with Stage 2 Upgrade.

A few other products from some of our newer brands were also used in the system. Audiozen's Alchemy Reference Hybrid Integrated Amplifier with separate Power Supply was used along with the SOtM sDP-1000EX DSD DAC and Pre-amp. We also took along a Lindemann musicbook:15 DSD, a popular item with many Elite Audio customers.

For the final output of the music, we brought along two pairs of our favourite loudspeakers; the Audio Physic Codex and the Boenicke W8. Both blew our audiences away throughout the day.

Connecting all of this together were some HiDiamond cables, another new brand to Elite Audio for 2017.

Our CEO, Mark Cargill, was interviewed for WamTV and we will share this when it is available.

Thank you to HiFi Wigwam for hosting such a fantastic show and to the Wammer community for visiting us in the Coleman Room.

Missed us at the show? You can trial select products at home in your own system with our 30-day, money back trial period. Simply contact us today to find out more: or on 020 3397 1119.


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