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Stereonet gives Perreaux's 200iX Applause Award

Stereonet's Paul Sechi loved listening to Perreaux's new 200iX integrated amplifier—giving it their prestigious Applause Award

See some highlights below, or you can read the full review at Stereonet—or find full product details plus a link to the full review on our product page.

"The Perreaux 200iX is a fast, lively and neutral-sounding amplifier …It also boasts excellent soundstage depth and layering. It's a class musical act, that's for sure.”

"Every speaker I tried with it sang beautifully and presented no problems for the amp in terms of driving them”

"It conveyed an accurate soundstage and delivered the multi-layered instrumental work within it in a clear and concise way”

"This amplifier's sheer brio and zest for life was obvious when spinning up Eric Bibb's Come Back Baby …the 200iX really shone here …I appreciated the music and vocals much more than usual. It was as if Eric Bibb was playing just a few metres in front of me.”

"I experienced excellent separation of instruments and vocals; on a track where some hi-fi separates can make vocals and instruments seem muddy, the Perreaux picked it apart with precision”

"What really matters is its sound quality, and here it shines”

"Perreaux's 200iX is an excellent, premium-priced integrated amplifier – one that is a real headache for its price rivals”

"So if you're in the market for a serious integrated, you'd be foolish to overlook this”

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