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Wyred 4 Sound Gets Another Blue Moon Award

Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE 2 Upgrade Blue Moon Award Elite Audio

STP-SE Stage 2 Upgrade Pre-amplifier RRP: £3,749

American manufacturer Wyred 4 Sound has just scooped another Blue Moon award from The STP-SE Pre-amplifier with a Stage 2 upgrade is the latest hi-fi component to be reviewed by 6moons and the fourth component to earn Wyred 4 Sound a Blue Moon award.

The original STP Pre-amplifier won the award back in 2009. Since then, the component has gone through so impressive transformations that have clearly improved the already extraordinary design.

"In short, the Stage 2 upgrade throws Wyred's gold-plated parts-filled kitchen sink at the $1'999 core circuit. This mimics what they do for their top DAC iterations. Premium parts can double the base price. Giving their customers tiered options supports different budgets and ambitions. Today is about going all out; and in."

To get into facts, the Stage 2 upgrade offers a third less noise than the the STP-SE. The channel-to-channel balance sits within +/-0.003dB, which is a massive 15 times better than the standard STP. The dynamic range has also been improved and measures at 122dB with a 5V in/out balance signal.

Price was a recurring factor in Srajan Ebean's review, seeming astonished by the quality of STP-SE 2 at the cost. Of course, what is really important about the STP-SE II is the sound quality and what it can do to your music.

"Wyred4Sound's STP-SE packs enormous value."

"Though price positioning and a funky name don't let on—STP-SE Stage 2 really does stick to the tongue, not rolls off it—this is a machine of quiet but true reference calibre!"

Elite Audio are the official UK distributors of Wyred 4 Sound. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.

Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE 2 Upgrade Blue Moon Award Elite Audio


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