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What is the essence of the revolutionary? Truly revolutionary things endure those that ignite a lasting effect—not those that rebel in a short-lived spectacular way. This is how we define a real revolution. It is the consequence of our countless small evolutionary and innovative steps.


The new Cardeas includes multiple breakthroughs that have never yet seen the light of day. This suite of innovative components truly sets the music free, and this is what they call the Audio Physic PowerTrain™.


Audio Physic are very proud to present the sum of their research with the new Cardeas. It has been redeveloped from scratch to get the most out of the PowerTrain™ and to deliver unparalleled sound performance.


Imagine a landscape so vast you can hardly see the edges—yet the moment you turn your attention to a specific spot, you see every detail. Welcome to the sound of our new Cardeas speakers—limitless soundstage. Pinpoint accuracy.


To make those details audible, Audio Physic dived deep into the smallest details of their technologies. Years of development went into all components of the Cardeas until the result has finally satisfied them. As has always been true in the company’s history, they were not looking to add features for the sake of making a high-tech product: it’s the sound that matters. NOTHING BUT MUSIC. And if the sound is not good enough, they believe there must be a better solution—and they set out on a quest to find it.



Multi-layer sandwich honeycomb enclosure
The Cardeas is a four-way speaker with a new multi-layer 'sandwich' enclosure. Inside, the asymmetrical enclosure consists of a high-tech honeycomb / multiplex sandwich. The outside is clad with a compound construction of glass and elastomer layers. This makes the chamber incredibly rigid with high internal damping. The internal bracing is fabricated from the same honeycomb panels.


HHCT III+ Tweeter
The Cardeas has a separate tweeter sub-enclosure for decoupling the new HHCT III+ tweeter and crossover from the cabinet.


Midrange HHCM SL and Double Surround bass / mid-bass driver
The new Audio Physic HHCM SL midrange and the new Double Surround woofers and mid-bass drivers are all designed to work without a centering spider, avoiding the non-linearity inherent in conventional driver designs.


They have further revised the contacts for the tweeter and midrange driver and equipped them with WBT Plasma Protect™ connectors. Even their VCT technology has been given a makeover: it now includes improved WBT pole terminals as well as newly developed capacitors that feature an improved foamed copper lattice for a low-impedance connection.


With the spiderless drivers at its heart, the new Audio Physic PowerTrain™ efficiently transfers the kinetic energy in ways never before imagined, creating outstanding music quality that must be heard to be believed.

Audio Physic New CARDEAS

  • • Height    128 cm / 50.4”
    • Width    25 cm / 9.5”
    • Depth    43 cm / 16.9”
    • Weight    63 kg
    • Recommended amplifier power    40 - 350 W
    • Impedance    4 Ohm
    • Frequency range    25 Hz - 40kHz
    • Sensitivity    89 dB
    • Tweeter    HHCT III+ 39mm / 1.5”
    • Midrange    HHCM SL 150 mm / 5.9”
    • Midwoofer    Double Surround 180 mm / 7”
    • Woofer    2 x 280 mm / 11" Double Surround Woofer
    • Accesories    VCF V Magnetic plus Speaker Set, Glass- and Fabric Grill Black

    Please note: Real Glass or finishes might be different from paper printed catalogues and website pictures. Products partially shown with optional accessories. Models and finishes availability may vary by country.

  • 4-Way Design
    The 4-way speaker features four different drivers that share reproduction of the entire frequency range. One or more subwoofers, one or more woofers, a midrange and a tweeter. Usually the crossover frequency between subwoofer and woofer is set at around 100Hz, while low and mid frequencies are separated between 250Hz and 400Hz, and the crossover frequency between midrange and tweeter is normally set at 2,000Hz to 3,000Hz.

    Push-Push Configuration
    Some of the side-mounted woofers in our 3-way and 31/2-way speakers are arranged in a Push-Push configuration in which the forces exerted on the cabinet by the two woofers cancel each other out, avoiding the introduction of vibrations that could harm sound quality.   more here

    Sandwich Cabinet Construction
    Our unique Sandwich Cabinets are an innovative way to stop the speaker cabinet from developing an acoustical life of its own. It is especially effective with our stylish glass-finished speakers as the relatively high weight of the glass panels helps dampening the cabinet even better.  more here 

    VCT – Vibration Control Terminal
    Unwanted vibrations have negative effects on sound quality wherever they occur in the signal path. Because AUDIO PHYSIC has made it their mission to fight unwanted vibration and resonance whenever and wherever they occur, the fully decoupled VIBRATION CONTROL TERMINAL (VCT) has been devised.  more here

    Vibration Control Feet Magnetic standard
    High End version of our VCF with even bigger improvement of sound performance as the speaker is completely decoupled from the floor by resting on a magnetic field. Also available as VCF Magnetic component for Hi-Fi separates.  more here 

    Honeycomb Sandwich Board
    Very rigid material with an internal honeycomb structure, first used in our state-of-the-art STRUCTURE. It is very light and a lot better in avoiding unwanted vibrations and resonances than the commonly used MDF.  more here

    Ceramic Foam Bracing
    Ceramic Foam is a high-tech material used for internal bracing in many of our speakers. It is much stiffer than MDF although it consists of 85% air. This means, the room taken up by the internal bracing is also part of the effective volume of air the drivers need to work. By using Ceramic Foam, we can build loudspeakers that match and out-perform much bulkier speakers.  more here

    Bi-Wiring/Bi-Amping optional
    Most our speakers have a regular single-wiring terminal to avoid unnecessary metal or wire bridges that would harm sound quality when used in single-wiring configuration (Which is what most Hi-Fi fans actually use). However, an optional Bi-Wiring/Bi-Amping Terminal can usually be ordered with any new speaker. Retrofitting only on special request.

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